Winn-Dixie commits to MoreFire! on Store Shelves

WinnDixie-MoreFireHotSauce-LogosOviedo, FL – December 1, 2015 – Local company, Goldson Gourmet LLC, with their 4x award winning gourmet hot sauce, “Goldson’s MoreFire! Hot Sauce” will be on Central Florida Winn-Dixie shelves come 2016. With an increased demand for spicy foods, supermarket shelf space has been increasing in-line with consumer demand for gourmet fiery food products.

Through the Winn-Local campaign, Southeastern Grocers (parent company to Winn-Dixie) has committed to offering more local based products to the cities it serves. Such as Oviedo, FL based company, Goldson Gourmet LLC and their flavor filled Jamaican Jerk style hot sauce, “Goldson’s MoreFire! Hot Sauce”.

University of Central Florida graduate Kenrick Goldson and Ramesh Hall are the owners of Goldson Gourmet. They were invited to present their multi-award winning hot sauce to Winn-Dixie buyers servicing the Central Florida area during the Winn-Local event held in Tampa this past Summer of 2015.

“I believe that Winn-Dixie saw that we had a top quality product, and that they also saw value in the vision we painted for the future of the brand. This type of quality is what consumers really appreciate, and will gravitate towards.”, says Goldson Gourmet founder Kenrick Goldson.

Fellow co-owner, Ramesh Hall (aka Chef Meesh) and Mr. Goldson, provide cooking webisodes on and YouTube called “I GOT THAT FIRE! w/ Chef Meesh“, which offer unique recipes which incorporate MoreFire! Hot Sauce.

Goldson’s MoreFire! Hot Sauce is scheduled to be on the shelves of Winn-Dixie throughout the Orlando and Tampa area in early 2016.



News Media Contact:
Kenrick Goldson
President, Goldson Gourmet, LLC
Ph: 407-900-7724