Ramesh Hall (left)  |  Kenrick Goldson (right)

Kenrick Goldson created MoreFire! Hot Sauce in 2010 by way of spiritual intuition. This software engineer never made hot sauce ever before, but upon entering a nationwide hot sauce competition in 2010 won 1st place for best Caribbean style hot sauce during his debut. This solidified the desire to press on and see how far this brand would go.


Goldson Gourmet LLC was officially established in 2015. Kenrick partnered with longtime college friend Ramesh Hall. Ramesh’s culinary expertise added the level of detail needed to ensure gourmet quality was of the utmost importance to every drop of MoreFire! Hot Sauce.

Since then it has won multiple awards. MoreFire! Hot Sauce has a “Great TASTE” with the “Perfect amount of HEAT” and is flavor filled with Jamaican Jerk herbs and spices with a smoky heat source spawning from the tradition of Jamaican Jerk seasoning by way of the scotch bonnet pepper.

Founder, Kenrick Goldson, along with partner, Ramesh Hall, have grown Goldson Gourmet to its current state being retailed and distributed nationwide throughout the Southeastern U.S., sold in over 500 store and restaurant locations, as well as online through Amazon.com, WebuyBlack.com and MoreFireHotSauce.com.

You can use MoreFire! straight from the bottle as a table condiment, cook with it, or use it as a marinade. Once you taste it, we will have you saying…

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