Great recipes with Goldson’s MoreFire! Hot Sauce

MoreFire! Chili

MoreFire! Chili (8 servings)                           -brought to you by Chef Meesh   Ingredients 1 onion (rough chop) 3 scallion ( rough chop) […]

MoreFire! Ranch Burgers

MoreFire! Ranch Burgers (6 servings) -brought to you by Chef Meesh Ingredients: 3lbs Ground sirloin ¼ c Ranch Dressing 1 […]

MoreFire! Naked Nugget Grillers

MoreFire! Naked Nugget Grillers (Serves 8) This is the ultimate tailgating food item that will easily be the highlight of […]

MoreFire Salmon with Jasmine Rice

MoreFire Jerk Salmon (Serves 4) -brought to you by Chef Meesh Ingredients: 4 (4 oz) Salmon fillets Pinch of salt […]