MoreFire! Naked Nugget Grillers (Serves 8)


This is the ultimate tailgating food item that will easily be the highlight of the food table. Easy to make, tastes Great! A great recipe to show you the versatility and mobility of Goldson’s MoreFire! Hot Sauce.



– 4 skinless/boneless chicken beasts
– 10 oz of Goldson’s MoreFire! Hot Sauce

Prep Work:

1. Cut the chicken breasts into pieces the size of 1-2 inch chucks

2. Mix the chicken chunks and roughly 6 ounces of Goldson’s MoreFire! HotSauce in a bowl/container until meat is evenly coated

3. Place meat & MoreFire! mix into a large ziploc bag and let it marinate in the fridge (or cooler) for at least 1/2 hour OR overnight if have the time

Cooking Directions:

(be sure you plan on cooking in well ventilated area)

1a. FOR OPEN FLAME GRILL:Place the marinated chicken on grill

1b. FOR SAUTE PAN:Coat the bottom of the pan with butter or margarine

2. Cook chicken and stir/flip as needed for 8-10 minutes OR until chicken is firm, tender and thoroughly cooked.

3. Place grilled chicken in serving dish

4. Pour 4

oz of Goldson’s MoreFire! Hot Sauce on chicken and mix until coated

5. Serve and enjoy!